Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Born Antsy

I'm always wanting to get up and do something. Even if I just got done playing baseball, I'l get inside and after about 5 minutes of just sitting down I'l get bored and have to do something outside again. I hate being inside it's to boring. I'm more of an active person then a just sitting around doing nothing kind of person. I rather work outside like mowing, weed-whacking, cutting trees, splitting wood, or riding my bike then just being inside. Last night I weed-whacked the sides of my driveway at 9:30 because I was bored. I like to keep busy.

Friday, May 21, 2010


All of my brothers have tattoos, all but my dad out of the guys in our family have tattoos. So im undecided about getting one. I don't want to be 8 in a nursing home and have tattoos all over my trying to look bad ass at age 8, I think that would be embarassing to have a tattoo at age 80 or 60 or 70 and I don't want to regret having something I don't like on my body because that's somthing that will be there until I die. So I'm undecided so far about getting a tattoo for now.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Night Review

The book Night written by Elie Wiesel, is a book about the Holocaust during World War II. The book tells you about how the Nazis invaded Jews and wiesel’s neighborhood in Sighet. They were sent to concentration camps and had to abandon there homes becoming refuges. Most of them suffered through four years of agony. They were brutally beaten everyday Elie and his family were in a camp called Auschwitz for a while and families were split apart and people were killed left and right. After a while they moved Auschwitz to a camp called Buchenwald this was a more brutal camp. To get there they had to ride in cattle carts packed with about 100 people. People were petrified of where they were going. When the train stopped the Jews had to run 40 miles and if they stopped they were shot on sight the germans were sabotage. When they got to the camp they saw a huge cremator people looked at it in terror. Elie and his father were split up and could only see each other just before bed time for a very short period of time. Elies father got really sick and was in danger of getting selected as getting cremated. Elies father died. Elie was liberated two weeks later, fatherless.

I learned a lot out of this book. I didn’t know as much as I do now about the holocaust now I can see how it could be offensive to some people to say “ i got jewed” or “ that means about as cheap as a jew” and stereo types like that I see how it can be offensive. I could not believe living like Elie did, I’m very fortunate to live in this time and in this country. I understand I have it pretty good compared to a lot of people and I am thankful for that. I defiantly learned a lot out of this book and understand the holocaust now that we read the book Night.

picture from: http://www.meredith.edu/summer-reading/images/night_cover_lg.jpg