Thursday, January 21, 2010

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SSR Book Review

Last quarter I read New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. The book is the sequel to Twilight her first book. New Moon takes place in The Forks, Washington. It is always raining and rarely sunny there. It's a perfect place for people like the cullen's because they don't belong in the sun. Bella is the main character in this book she lives with her dad, he's the town sheriff. Her mom lives in Florida with her baseball playing boyfriend.

Now, Bella and Edward are together they are both seniors in high school. Edward and his family ( The Cullens) are vampires and have to keep it a secret and only Bella knows. Carlaisle, Edwards adoptive parent is a doctor he has been for a while and people are getting suspicious that he doesn't look like he's getting any older. So the cullens have to relocate, and that tears Bella's heart out because her boyfriend (Edward) is leaving...for good. She never hangs out with her friends anymore or does anything fun she just goes to school comes home and goes to her room. This goes on for months. Bella is depressed and her dad is concerned and has her hang out with Jacob (her old friend) and she seems to have fun with him so she keeps hanging out with him. It takes her mind off Edward. Bella and Jacob want to rebuild motorcycles because Bella figured out if she does something "reckless" and "crazy" she can here Edward talking to her in her head and she gets a rush off hearing his voice. Anyways Jacob and Bella are rebuilding motorcycles because Bella knows when she is riding it she will hear Edwards voice because it is "reckless" and "crazy" she has never driven a motorcycle.

So Jacob gets the motorcycles running and they go to a dirt road and she drives one and starts to hear Edwards voice again then she crashed it and just scraped her head. So Jacob brought her home. Charlie (her dad) had told Bella about hikers going "missing" in the mountains and there might be a very dangerous bear in the woods so he wanted her to stay home and stay out of the woods. Bella had called Jacob a few days later and got no answer and then called again and again and Jacobs dad kept telling Bella that Jacob was not there or sleeping. So Bella thought Jacob was avoiding her now for some reason and Bella started thinking of Edward again and she really needed to see Jacob to get her mind off things. So she drove over to La Push (that's where Jacob lives) and Jacob is sleeping and his clothes are all torn up and she lets him sleep.

So a few days later she went into the woods because she wanted to hear Edwards voice again and she wanted to find the first place they had gone and she found out he was a vampire. It was a little valley in the woods. So she hiked up the trail by the school where she had gone in before and she found the spot and forgot all about the "bear" and she stayed a while and then Laurent ( a vampire that tried to attach her in the first book the cullens killed his friend) showed up and was going to attach her but a huge wolf came in and then a few other came and chased him away. She went home. A few days later she found out that Jacob transforms into a wolf and he wasn't suppose to tell her because he would get in trouble. But anyway she knows now. Bella wanted to do something else "reckless" and "crazy" so she jumped off a cliff at La Push and almost died. She sunk and sunk and Jacob brought her back up. Everyone was worried and they called her dad and he was at a funeral because his friend died. So Bella went home and in the drive way was a very familiar car, it was Carlaisle's. Jacob was mad because his pack of wolves and vampires don't get along. But Bella went inside and she found that Edwards sister (Alice) was inside and she was so worried because Edward called earlier that day and asked for Charlie and he heard that Bella jumped off a cliff. When someone answered the phone Edward asked if Charlie was there and they said no he's at the funeral.

So Edward figured it was Bella that died and she because she jumped off the cliff. Alice told Bella that Edward was planning on seeing "The Vulturi" (they are upper class vampires) to ask if they could kill him and they denied him. So the only way they would kill him now if he went crazy in the town and did somthing stupid like revealing him being a vampire they would kill him. Bella and Alice flew to Volterra where The Vulturi is and where Edward was planning on getting killed. Alice and Bella are planning on stopping him when they get there...

I did not like this book because it was so long and it was pointless to read because I finished it about two months before the movie came out I could of waited. I think if you like books that aren't real you would like this because it is fictional but the author makes it pretty believable.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Critical Thinking

I think from the beginning of the year that my grades and attendence have gone down so far. I have noticed this by looking on power-school and comparing my grades from last quarter to this one and they have gone down from then. I think the reason why they have gone down is because I have not been here as much lately and I am missing a lot of work.