Friday, April 16, 2010

Sandra Cisneros

Who is a writer that was born third and the only girl in a family of 7 children.

Who writes about poetry and some of her life. But mostly about Chicana culture.

Who loves books and poetry and Chicana culture

Who feels accomplished, she won the
Before Columbus Foundation's American Book Award in 1985.

Who says "My books have been translated into over a dozen languages, including Spanish, Galician, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, and, most recently, into Greek, Iranian, Thai, and Serbo-
Who gives egducation, time, and her knowledge into her books and poems

Who is known for writing My Wicked Wicked Ways, The House on Mango Street, and Loose Woman.

Who has worked as a high-school counselor for dropouts, and a arts administrator.

Whose parents are a Mexican father and a Chicana mother.

Who is que est don diabla porque mush tu