Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Opinion Piece

I want learn more about the Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. That really interest's me because it's something we in Maine might have to deal with because the last I heard the oil got to Florida and is on it's way up because they can't stop it. I don't know a lot about this but that's why I want to learn more about it. I think our fishing industry will go down and all of the sea-food restaurants will not have a lot of business if the oil gets up here. But I would like to learn more about that.

Blog Reflection

This year was a little rough with the blogging because it was my first year, I was new to it and had no idea for like the first month how to use it. I think for kids coming up into freshman year if they have to blog, they should be showed how to use this. How to use the buttons in the tool bar, The last blog I just did (5 minutes ago) I just learned how to use spell check and it's the last day of school so I think kids should have a few classes to be taught about this. Also the user-name and password was hard to remember because I have several user name's and passwords. I think teachers should keep a list of every one's just in case they forget there's. I think that would be helpful. Next year I want to improve on adding a picture in when I've been told to because sometimes I forget and have to go back and edit it.

Poetry Friday

I have learned more about poetry this year. Poetry Friday helped because it was a weekly thing and you just didn't learn everything at once because then you just forget it. It was all year long and weekly. It helped me learn about more people that are poets and rappers are poets too. It showed me how to write poems in different ways. It was easy to read someones poem and kind of change it up a little and make it about me. I do think Poetry Friday was helpful.

Blood Brothers

I read the book Blood Brothers. It's about two boys Clay (main character) and Joey (his best friend) Clay works in a hospital as a helper he and his best friend Joey are mad at each other about a girl. Clay is at work and a teenage girl comes in bleeding really badly, and he sees her die, then he realizes there are worse things in life and doesn't want to argue with Joey any more. So he rode his bike to Joey's and when he got there the place was trashed. It looked like a party had went on (joeys parents are out of town) so clay was looking for Joey.Joey was on the floor passed out. Clay woke him up, and out of no where Joey just attached him! Clay defended him self and pushed joey to the floor. Joey smacked his head off the floor and was knocked out cold. Clay called 911 and Joey was sent to the ER. This is a short book with a lot of detail about Joey and Clays life together, Clay has flash backs of memories they shared together, while Joeys in the ER on a feeding tube in a coma.Clay is devastated and never wanted to hurt Joey that bad. Joey's at the same hospital Clay works at. This book I'd recommend for teens because stuff like this can happen to anyone especially teenagers, just horsing around can do a lot. I liked this book it taught me to be careful, and not to mess around like that because hitting your head is serious. There is a lot more to this book if you want to know if Joey gets to go home or not read the book.

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Cause

My cause is to spend time with my son or daughter. To go to there, baseball games, softball games, football games, to the lake, to the ocean, to the fair, to the circus, to the zoo, graduations, going fishing, going hunting, cookouts, anything with them anything that involves spending time with them. Because my dad missed a lot of games, practices special events because he was always working on the road. Alaska, California, Virginia, Connecticut, Colorado, Ohio, many others. The fact is he wasn't there for a lot. So I want to give back to my children and be there for them.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Chariot

I think The Chariot card goes with me because I like to work for my stuff, not like school or book work but work outside of school. I don't like taking hand outs. I'm strong willed like the card says I don't like getting things handed to me. I work for what I want.

Seven Spread Out Trees

Those trees, they're not very close. They're all very distant. One leeches off the rest. One is generous and helps out. The rest are mutual and just there.